Friday, October 1, 2010

Hermithood is Really Taking Its Toll.

I was just beating myself up for my total lack of posting motivation lately, so I was finally checking my reader after almost a week of trudging along, doing nothing but checking my e-mail for some awesome job offer to spring up out of nowhere (FYI, that hasn't happened yet, I can't imagine why.), and here I come to discover that I was given an award!!  Yay!!!!

This is the "Blog With Substance" award, which was kindly given to me by Cole @ Dry Humor Daily, definitely check out his blog if you haven't already!!

 I think I'm supposed to write about my blog motivation and philosophy, but it's really not as complicated as all that.  I am just looking for some sort of social interaction since I hardly leave the house!  Unemployment is really a blessing in many ways, but it certainly does nothing to hone my social skills, that's for sure.

Originally I wanted to start a blog to bitch about politics, but as you can see that has not been a prime topic of mine.  I guess I just decided that my life was far more interesting (ha!  ha!!)  than the latest insanity coming out of Washington, so I stuck with that instead.

On a different note, I was thinking that it might be funny to post a video of me playing a song on my guitar.  I say it might be "funny" because it would actually be horrifically embarrassing for me, and I am betting that most of you wouldn't even be able to make it through the whole video because your ears would actually be bleeding.

I think this is the first person I've drawn with ears!  This could be YOU!

I put up a little survey at the top to see if that's something you guys are interested in, but trust me, I would NOT be offended if you said HELL NO!   I only know one song and I have a horrible horrible voice, so I'm not even sure that if you paid me I would have the guts to put it up... Not only that, but I may lack the technical aptitude to even record a video!  Whatevs, it was just an idea.

On a different note, I was listening to some one hit wonders the other day, and I remembered one that is a personal favorite of mine, due to its highly offensive nature, of course!  Here's the video, complete with 90's hair and ugly jokes!!  I AM SO EXCITED I JUST PEED MYSELF!

Sweet dance moves!!  Does anyone else think they should put a picture of Donald Trump in that video?

I don't mean to be really opinionated (haha), but he is one of the ugliest and most annoying assholes I have ever had the misfortune of watching on TV.  UGH!

You can see how productive I have been the last few days.  Nice!!  Have a great weekend, everyone!!



When it comes to the stole the words right out of my mouth lol

Sara said...

How could I say no???

Anonymous said...

the way she says ugly is powerful! aha :) but Trump needed to be in that! Have a great weekend!

theTsaritsa said...

I never heard that song before, but I like it!

Bi said...

@Falen and @Nadiine: I know, he is a disgusting human. Ugh.

@Sara: I think the only way it's happening is if it's a "intoxi-falling-down-drunk-vlog", if you know what I mean!

@Tsarita: Hahaha, it's one of my faves! I can't understand why Gillette didn't have any more hits!!