Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minnesota's Tha Bomb

Yesterday, something called a "bomb cyclogenesis" graced Minnesota with its presence for the entire day.  What is this, you ask?  I have no idea, but what I DO know is the wind was blowing like Hurricane Bianca having a hissy fit!

I will CUT YOU!  Or blow you away.  Or both!!
I had to actually leave the house yesterday to purchase some envelopes, and when I got out of the car with my cute little umbrella, the most annoying thing happened:

Please note the skunk streaks.  At this point, I didn't realize they were there.

Ugh, I hate it when that happens!  Then I sat there in the parking lot of Office Max looking like a complete jackass trying to get my umbrella back in working order, all the while getting more soaked and windblown than if I had just made a run for it.  All this for a few giant envelopes so I can sign my life away to the University of Minnesota.  Shitty!

I was feeling pretty smug that I got to sit around all day in near-hurricane weather, but then the joke ended up being on me later when the power went out.  Unless you live in the same house with my mother, you have NO IDEA what a burden a power outage can truly be.  My mother's evenings are filled with television viewing like you wouldn't believe (come to think of it, her talents in this area are probably worth a blog post all their own!), so a power outage is like the apocalypse for her!

Luckily, it was still light out when this occurred, and the power was back on at about 7:30... Not in time for Glee, unfortunately, but the glee we both felt when the lights came on more than made up for it!


But, of course, happiness wasn't meant to last.  About a half hour later, we were plunged into darkness again!  Only this time, it lasted the majority of the evening.  It was a horrifying look at what life must have been like pre-electricity.  No wonder people were crazy back then!

Riveting conversation.

Clearly, Minnesota's power lines just aren't equipped to handle hurricanes.  Who would have thought?  So I had an exciting night of playing solitaire on my computer until the battery died, and dejectedly going to bed.  At least no one could see my skunk stripes.   

The conclusion:  Electricity is the greatest!!


Sara said...

When I was in high school and the power went off, I would get my radio and sing Disney songs to my family members at the top of my lungs.

I'm pretty sure they REALLY FUCKING HATED when the power went out.

theTsaritsa said...

We used to have fun when there was a power outage00 it was like living in the colonial days. My dad would light a bunch of candles and we'd sit and tell ghost stories. So fun!

Christine said...

Oh missed Glee? That is epic. Good thing you can catch it online!

Catherine said...

You might even say that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!!

I have to say though, that black outs are only terrible to me when I have nothing to read...And I have lots to read.

The Weed said...

1. Power outages are the worst. They remind me of how one of my deepest life-fears is that one day the internet will die. Pit in stomach doesn't begin to describe the anxiety this thought brings me...

2. You're a fellow MFT???? Who'd a thunk it? Where'd you get your degree? I was Seattle Pacific University.

3. So, I'm assuming the University of Minnesota reference means PhD applications are abrewin'. Are you doing MFT still, or something else?

4. I really like your blog.

5. I also like the little fledgling-blog family that's being built here (I see you up there Catherine and Christine!). This is fun.

It's nice to make your acquaintance!

Bi said...

@Sara: Hahaha, I would have loved to hear your songs last night in the dismal silence... You know how old people are (ahem, MOTHER, ahem), they get in total darkness and the eyelids just shut instinctually. BORING!

@Tsarita: That does sound like fun! I don't think my mom and I have that same knack for storytelling, unfortunately..

@Christine: I know, right?! I wasn't that heartbroken because I'm not a huge Rocky Horror fan, but it was still annoying.

@Catherine: Indeed, I would normally feel the same way but reading by candlelight really sucks! Plus I can't justify reading when I have horrible standardized tests to study for so reading is no fun at all. Ugh.

@Weed: See response on your blog. Thanks! ;)

Cole Garrett said...

I feel ya. We had some RIDICULOUS weather a couple days ago. Not far from here, some tornadoes touched down. We didn't see them, but do you know what that means? It means all of the rain got dumped on US. Grrr... Our power didn't go out, though, so I have to feel more sorry for you.