Wednesday, December 15, 2010

With the Snip of a Scissors, I am Back in Sixth Grade

Ah, shucks, I know you guys are DYING for the exciting conclusion of Zombianca: A Love Story, but unfortunately I've been struck with a bout of pure laziness writer's block , so I haven't yet composed the end to my love tragedy.  Wait, did I say tragedy?  I meant romance and everlasting love... as a zombie.  Either way, it's going to be akin to Shakespeare in its poetry, and <insert really popular author here> in its suspense and drama!

I really shouldn't be posting such things, because then everyone will be so disappointed when the drivel actually appears.  But anyway, the point is I'm working on the ending to the story and the corresponding pictures, but my brain power is lacking this week so it may take a bit longer than usual.

In other news, I got my hair cut and was immediately transported back to sixth-grade Bianca, because I did something rather daring!!  I got bangs!!!  Here's a before pic in which I look like a total jackass:

I'm the idiot on the left whose mouth is wide open.  Am I hot or what??
Please note my lovely friends, Alicia and Cas, looking at me like I am crazy.  That is not an unusual occurrence.
And the after:

This pic is far too close for my comfort, and I'm sure for yours as well.  My apologies.
Let's contrast this with the hot look I was sporting as a wee tot:

What I wouldn't give for that amount of hair now!
This is the most bad-ass I have ever been.  Word.

Okay, so mayyyybe I sifted through my pictures and picked the least embarrassing one I could find... Because seriously, pre-braces Bianca looks like a blood-sucking vampire (with bangs) who looks like she's had the shits for a week.  I am not about to subject myself to the trauma bond that would inevitably arise by looking at pictures from grade school, no siree!

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season!  Speaking of holidays, my brothers will be frequenting the house next week, so if I am blogging post-holiday from a padded room, you'll know why.  Hopefully they can loosen the straight jacket enough so I'm able to post something!


Meri said...

hahaha what a cutie! You have more hair than body in your kid pic!

and I love the bangs my dear- I did so adore my bangs from about age 22-25. I'm slowly growing them out just to keep things interesting. I'll probably cut them in two months again when the "awkward growing stage" finally ends, like an idiot...

love ya!

Anonymous said...

awww you look so cute as a child! your hair was sooo curly!

Sarah said...

I had the same urge! I got the bangs then quickly realized I'm not trendy enough to wear them. It's one of those things I LOVE on other people, like cool glasses. On me they just look like the ugly girl from The Goonies. You look good with the bangs though - I'm jealous.

lalalalauren said...

you totally pull of the bangs look. awesome!

also, that just might be the most bad ass sixth grade picture i've ever seen.

Sara said...

We have matching bangs now! Twins!!

After watching your karaoke video, it makes me love your blog even more than before. :)

Traveler@large said...

That really was bad-ass. If that had been me I would have been a rats nest. (especially on picture day)

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

Your baby hair is all kinds of amazing, honest. And you're one of those cool people that actually looks like themselves, from when they were kids. You know? Not like, "who the eff is that baby?" "Dude. That's me." *ahemlikeme*

Anyways, yay bangs!


Erin (uaoo) said...

Love the bangs!!!! And so cute as a mini-Bianca! Hope you're well and Merry Christmas >more exclamation points<

Meri said...

Hi- I tagged you in my seven random things post. Now you should do it too!
Miss you!