Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toilet Problems and The Like

In the spirit of blogging more than once every two months, I figured I would dazzle you all with my stupid thoughts for the second time in two days!!   Not because I have anything particularly interesting to say, oh no!  Because I am bored and procrastinating on some reading I should be doing.

What reading, you ask?  Sure, I will tell you my latest big idea that equals more work for moi, so y'all can encourage me in my venture and let me know it's worth the effort.  I had decided that I spent too much time moping around about my unemployment, and that I wanted to volunteer my VALUABLE time at some non-profit and do-gooding organization.  But, when I looked into it, I realized that volunteering is a lot of fucking work!  I mean, geez, they expect you to do all this training and applications and other bullshit that I would rather not do.

Eventually my guilt over sitting on my ass won out and I have now agreed to volunteer for the local rape crisis center.  It's not as bad as it sounds, particularly since I get to skip the mandatory 40-hour training because I'm so awesome.  Or maybe it's because I volunteered at a different agency like this like 6 years ago.  Ahem.  So other than entertaining my lovely readers with my little bloggy efforts, I will now be helping humanity a little bit.  Word.

In other news, I think my toilet is broken upstairs, or pretty close to being broken.  The handle practically takes the strength of two men (i.e., ONE of my arms!) to push, and I'm half afraid of this scenario every time I go to relieve myself:

My cat would be in heaven!  Toilet water everywhere!
I'm not a "If it's yellow, let it mellow" sort of girl, and I am a loser with no friends who know how to fix things.  I see no help for it.  I promise if this happens and I walk out of the bathroom looking like a wet dog, I'll take a picture of myself and post it on here so you can laugh at me.

Also, today I bought these frozen quesadilla roll things because I had a hankering for something greasy and spicy (neither of which were satisfied by these particular morsels, BTW..), and on the box it said to put it in the oven for "4 minutes and 45 seconds", at which time you turn them around and bake them for another "4 minutes and 45 seconds."  What do you think happens if you leave them in for 5 minutes??!

Well, that's it for randomness today... I guess I have to go study my very important work now.  SIGH.  Hope everyone's having a great day!!



Meri said...

I would wager a guess that you left them in an even 5 minutes out of spite for the stupidity of the instruction? Well, that's what I would have done :)
I love the mermaid- she has her very own place on my new page on my blog, and the link leads to you, my dear. I love it, and thank you for the pretty picture!

I'll have to figure out when I can come up north. Are you going to be in the cities anytime soon?

Sara said...

I'm so thankful I have a boy living in my house who I can force to fix things in exchange for blow jobs. I don't know what I would do if I had to fix shit like that on my own.