Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Advice, Awards, and Some Other A Word...

Holy shit, multiple posts in one week?!  Usually I'm so boring lazy I can hardly bring myself to post once, so I must have one big burst of motivation this week.

To begin, I need some advice/counsel about a certain social networking issue.  I am a total old person, and have not yet jumped on this whole "Twitter" bandwagon.  My reasons for this are mostly thus: (a) I am too lazy to start an account, (b) I am worried that I'm too stupid to figure it out, and (c) I don't know that anyone is that interested in what I have to say.  And (d) then I'll have all this pressure to be witty all the time, which is pressure I usually only have to deal with on the few occasions that I decide to post on this thing.  That's a lot to deal with!!  Oh, and one more thing, (e) My phone is a ghetto piece o' shit.. Not sure if that matters.

So, my question is, for those of you on Twitter, is it so epically awesome that I should just get over myself and try it?  Or is it more trouble than it's worth?  And I should hope it would go without saying that all y'all would follow me if I succumbed to the pressure to flood the world with my stupid thoughts on a nonstop basis.  Because you know that's what would happen... Nonstop tweeting, all about reality TV!!!  Please let me know your opinion in the comments below, this is truly a dilemma for me.

On to the other, more substantive, part of my post!  I've been hoarding a couple of awards for a while now that I was heretofore too lazy to post on my blog, even though the individuals who bestowed them upon me are just the sweetest girls EVAH!  The first one is from the lovely Caity at The Skinny On Me:

I'm not sure if this is an award or just a meme that is being passed on, but it stipulates that the recipient must offer seven random facts about oneself.  Since I've already done that on this post, and I don't have many more random facts about me, I'm going to combine it with this award I received from my dear real life AND bloggy friend Meri from Meri Goes Round:

By the way, I've been friends with Meri for.. um.. 12 years?  (Holy shit, I feel old!)  She is terribly crafty (in the home decor/cooking/nice kind of way, not a sneaky sort of way) and sweet, and has chosen "music" as her blog theme of the month.  Recipients of her award are to do a music-themed blog post!  So, in combination with the 7 Random Things one, I'm going to post the following:


Editor's Note: By "shoop", I obviously mean songs that make me want to raise my hands in the air and wave 'em around like I just don't care.  I don't know what you were thinking, but get your head out of the gutter.  Sheesh!

1. The Beatles - "Let it Be"

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Probably my #1 favorite song of all time, and hands down my favorite Beatles song, "Let It Be" has been a godsend in my life when things have been.. well, less than stellar.  As a person who struggles with a certain amount of neuroses, I have worked extremely hard to adopt this whole "let it be" concept when dealing with crappy stuff I can't control.  I'm not always successful, but listening to this song almost immediately calms my anxieties so I can at least think rationally about them.

Plus, it reminds me of my father when I was young because he used to try to sing along with it on the oldies station and somehow managed to fuck it up, even though the majority of the lines are, in fact, "let it be."

2. The Breeders - "Cannonball"

This might seem like an odd choice, but seriously, how great was this song?!!  Looking back, this was the song that opened up my love affair with indie rock and 90's alternative, leading me to The Pixies, Throwing Muses, Belly, Nirvana, etc. etc.  I remember having this obsession with Tanya Donnelly, and playing my Belly CD over and over and over again until it skipped uncontrollably and had to be thrown out.  And Kim Deal?  Seriously.  A band can't be bad that has Kim Deal in it.  Even if she did totally edge Tanya out of the band.. And I hear she's kind of a biatch, but that's totes okay.  The best ones always are!

3. R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"

R.E.M. was fucking epic in the 90's, weren't they?  The video still gives me chills when I watch it.  This song holds a special place in my heart because (a) this is when MTV was awesome!, and (b) my brothers and I would stop fighting for minutes at a time and stare in awe at the TV when it came on.  I remember thinking that Michael Stipe was pretty hot for a scrawny guy with a receding hairline, and I liked that woman with the red headdress thing.  Pretty sure I wanted to be her for Halloween one year, but my mom said no.  Totally stole my youth.

And remember that part where the angel falls and has that flap of skin on his chest?  Eeew.  That's what I thought about that when I was young.

4. G. Love and Special Sauce - "Cold Beverage"

In retrospect, I wish I would have done this song for my alcohol-themed karaoke song, but I had already done a G. Love number before so I thought that would be redundant.  God forbid anyone think me a one-trick pony!

Editor's Note:  And no, I don't think that getting drunk in the middle of the day and jumping around like an idiot for every karaoke song makes me a one-trick pony.  Ahem.

Courtesy of Amazon
Watching the video now, I can totally see how I became so obsessed with this band!  Extremely cute lead singer, an upright bass, white boy rap, singing about cold "beverages".  SIGH.  What else could you possibly want?!!?

Plus, I have this weird obsession with harmonicas, mainly in that they really make me want to SHOOP (in the true sense of the word, ifyaknowwhatImean!)!  ESPECIALLY when they are on that contraption that holds them in front of the singer's face, thereby freeing their hands for mad guitar playing!  YUMMY!!!

Case in point.

5.  Counting Crows - "Mr. Jones"

Karaoke song?  Um, YEAH!  Counting Crows sort of fell out of my favor after their first album, but Mr. Jones will always be one of my top 5 favorites!  I remember when I first turned 21, my friends and I made our first trip to the infamous (in Minnesota, anyway) Red Carpet Nightclub, where they have a whole upstairs devoted to young men and women with sweeter moves than I have that shake their bootays to various rap and hip hop numbers.  I, having drank myself into oblivion no shame, requested that the DJ play Mr. Jones, and even though he raised his eyebrows at me, I think he was interested to see what would happen if he did.  Well, here's what happened:

Empty dancefloor.
Absolutely no one but me danced to that song, and I did it with my eyes closed, my arms in the air, and my mouth hanging open, and I don't regret it!

Editor's Note:  What does it say that like three of my songs already had been covered on VH1's "Pop Up Video"?  And what does it say that I still remember Pop Up Video??  I think it says that I am an old person who is stuck in the 90's.  Yep, pretty sure that's what it says.

6. Cold War Kids - "Hang Me Up to Dry"

In 2006, I had the immense pleasure of attending Lollapalooza in Chicago (with my in, he was my ex at the time.  Don't ask me why I thought that was a good idea, because it was NOT!).  I remember walking past one of the smaller stages (on my way to see Panic! at the Disco, who incidentally I never got to see..) and hearing the very distinctive opening to this song:

Of course I had to stop and listen to their whole set, and I was hooked.  That was back when they only had a few EPs out, and I remember thinking, "These guys are going to be big!"  Now, five years later, they have three albums out and I STILL love them dearly.

Cold War Kids, will you marry me?  PLEASE?

7.  Cake - "Mr. Mastodon Farm"

Another weird choice I'm sure, but it was this song that cemented Cake as one of my favorite artists of ALL TIME.  I could take or leave "The Distance", but anyone who can sing about birds falling from a ledge and likening it to their life is truly an artist!  I think those birds are symbolic of my entire existence too, Cake.


Thanks for sticking with me through this entire post!  If you've made it this far, please take some time in the comments to let me know about some of your favorite songs, and why!

Also, much thanks to Falen from Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista for making me a featured blogger of the week!!  She writes some of the funniest shit I've ever read, so you better check her out.

Peace out!



Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Yes, Bianca! We need you on Twitter. I want to know everything about reality programs ;p
On the other hand, it's a great way to spread the so called "word" on your blog. That's what i use it for and i do get an extra hit or two (if I'm lucky). Oh, wow, the Breeders! Haven't heard that song in ages (damn, i feel old too). Love that baseline...I miss the 90's. The kid 'n play blockhead and the Bobby Brown crooked haircut should make a comeback! You have good taste in music ma'am! :)

collinwho said...

Strange progression. Listening the The Breeders before the Pixies. You are doing it all wrong. ;)

lalalalauren said...

The Beatles, Counting Crows, R.E.M., and Cake all on one list? You really do have fantastic musical taste, my friend. :)

Jess said...

Bi, you need to be on the Twitter. I was really hesitant at first but I have gained a lot of traffic and followers to my blog by pimping it out! So...when you hop on the bandwagon come follow me @MeetTheIdiot!!

Christine said...

Twitter...SO NOT WORTH IT. But honestly...I just don't get it.

That either makes me an idiot or just way too cool to follow this Twitter trend.

I choose coolness :-)

ShellyTalks said...

You need five minutes ago.

I'm a huge advocate as I am addicted to it. You can tweet nonsense and SOMEONE will like it, I promise! (And it would probably be me)

theTsaritsa said...

Great list! I knew all the words to "Losing my Religion" when I was eight and was confused when I asked my dad what it meant to lose your religion. haha

Oh, and you should join Twitter! It's fun, and no one is going to pressure you to be funny 24/7. It's a cool way to keep up with people.

Stephanie said...

Love your song selections. Love the originality and quirkiness behind the choices. I joined twitter to see what all the fuss is about and it's sort of lame. Just being honest. I appreciate being able to have quicker access to blog buddies that I want to throw out my wit and humor to...but it's not as addictive as blogging or facebook so I really don't give two craps if I don't even log in for several days. It's a great resourcing and networking tool, I will say. I've gotten a lot of followers and readers through twitter. I'm sure I don't use it correctly but eh...not really a big deal.

Anonymous said...

You deserve all your awards and honors! You rock girlie!

Meri said...

I don't know what to tell you about twitter- I joined like five years ago and then didn't 'use it once... so maybe I still have an account?

It makes me so very very happy to think we've been friends so long :) I sure do miss you in "real life" haha.

Also, your song choices are great. Let it be is one of my "take it easy, sista, everything is gonna be OKAY" picks for sure too. Deep breaths.

Let me know what you decide about twitter. If you do join, maybe I will too. If I can figure out what it is.