Monday, March 7, 2011

Fitting Room Adventures

Hey everyone!!  Because I am severely lacking in verbal wit today, I thought you all might enjoy an illustrated account of something that happened to me over the weekend when I made the huge mistake of going shopping for a new bathing suit.  You see, I was feeling pretty good about myself on Saturday morning, and I figured that my self-esteem needed a good beating.  You can't get more demoralizing than swimsuit shopping.

So here's my story from Saturday.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who booked plane tickets to Florida and got really excited about it.

Ugh, off to the mall I go.

Wow, each separate piece is ONLY $100!!!
My unemployment check can SURELY handle that!!!
Which one, which one??
I think this one has the worst lighting and the foggiest mirror for maximum self-esteem preservation.

Enter our villain.  I have named her DUM.

"Hi y'all!" DUM says.

Choices, choices.

"Should I use #1,", DUM thinks to herself...

"Or #2...."

"Or #3..."

"Or #4?" DUM furrows her eyebrows, pausing before each door.

"I think #3 looks promising, because the door is shut!  That must mean it's extra special!" DUM says.

Our heroine (ME) in her skivvies.  Not even!
As if swimsuit shopping isn't bad enough, let's just add some pure humiliation in there too.

People are SO STUPID.




theTsaritsa said...

People have no common sense. If a door is close, knock. Ugh, so annoying!!

Swinsuit shopping is the devil.

Sarah said...

I think I would punch someone in the throat if they barged in on nakey sarah, just as a shear reflex! Personally, I think she would've deserved it.

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I'm terrified of people walking in on me in a dressing room. It's not even so much the nakey-ness as it is the sheer awkwardness. I think I'd start crying. :(

Also, bathing suit shopping is one of the seven deadly sins or something. I'm sure of it.


Nicki said...

Does no one knock anymore?!?!

MeredithDuck said...

Yikes! I just may have punched her in the face. But that's just how I roll.

Lily said...

I usually don't try on things at stores that don't have an employee standing by the fitting room area at all times. I like to avoid humiliation while shopping.

But mostly, people are dumb, and you can't escape stupid.

Christine said...


No doubt in my mind...flat out, DIE.

we hate you. love, us said...

oh my goodness, people are insane. Seriously. I ALWAYS double check if someone's in a room, especially if the door is closed. And the fact that every room was open BUT yours?! Craziness.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - I would totally be devestated if I was caught starkers like that!! Some people must be on some serious crack just to walk in without knocking when every other door is open! duhhh! some people are just sooo dumb its unreal!

Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Hahahahaha! These are my kinds of posts. Awesome blog, funny stories, i love it! Keep up the good work!
--A new follower ;)

Laurita P said...

hahaha! how awful. i hope you found a cute suit.

VildesVerden said...

This is so funny! Happy monday wishes from Norway!