Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brush With Fame, Y'All!!

Um, I know I was supposed to blog about Universal Studios, but then this totally awesome thing happened that is probably not awesome at all but DAMN IT I THINK IT'S AWESOME SO I'M GOING TO POST IT!


So yeah, as you know, I have this obsession thing with harmonicas... Mainly that I think they're FUCKING HOT very nice instruments and have the potential to look good on the person holding them.  Last weekend I had the pleasuuuuuuure (and you have to say that with the really long "ooooooooh", because it isn't cool otherwise) of stalking seeing one of my very favorite bands, G. Love and Special Sauce, for like the millionth time.  Oh, and just to connect this with the beginning of the paragraph, my man G. Love has a harmonica practically strapped to his mouth at all times.  (I wanted to put "hubba hubba!" here, but I didn't because only really old ladies/creepos/women with no boundaries or social propriety say that.)

(Pretty sure I just labeled myself a really old lady/creepo/woman with no boundaries or social propriety.  Oops.)

Wait, WHAT?  You don't know G. Love and Special Sauce??  FOR SHAME!

It doesn't hurt that G. Love is HAWT.

I think I may have danced around like a slutty slut to G. Love's "Kick Drum" back in February... Ahem.

Anyway, after the show I utilized my Twitter power and wrote some lame ass message (that you will soon read) to my lovahs, and HOT DAMN LOOK WHAT I GOT:

My stupid comment makes sense if you watch the video above.  So DO IT you lazy asses!


Okay, despite the fact that what I wrote was incredibly corny and stupid, I'm certain that that is why I have been bestowed with the term of endearment "sugar" in G.'s response.  I'll be expecting his personal message through Twitter any day now.

Anyway, just thought y'all would like to hear about my brush with fame.  To end, I'll include a hash tag that I think you'll all agree is pretty appropriate right about now....




lalalalauren said...

Haha! That is awesome! I love how the Internet makes moments like that possible. One time, I blogged about how much I loved an obscure band called The Unbearables and apparently they google themselves regularly, because one of the members found the entry and wrote "Thank you."

I'm sure your twitter moment is just the beginning of a harmonica-fueled romance with G-Love. Just wait. It is so going to happen! Haha.

Melbourne on my mind said...

When I met Eddie Perfect the other week, I was honestly surprised that I didn't throw myself at him. I did seriously consider going "Hey @EddiePerfect, I wrote a blogpost about meeting you!!" on Twitter, but deemed it slightly too desperate. Especially considering his wife just had a baby... *sigh*

beanditch said...

One of the music channels I listen to plays Peace, Love and Happiness a lot, and every time it comes on I think of you. :)

I've had a handful of celebs tweet me back, and although they might be B or C list, it doesn't change how excited I got. We can squee together anytime we get tweeted, from now on. :)

Meri said...

I'm impressed. WIll you be bringing G.L. as a date to my party? kidding, but thats pretty awesome!

Sara said...

Holy shit!! You guys practically made out based on those twitter messages!!!!

First you know the guy on The Voice and now this?!

You're my hero.

Bi said...

@Lauren: That's awesome!! If only G. Love would google his name and "Hawt harmonicas", I'm certain he would stumble upon my page and my undying love for him. SIGH.

@Melbourne: Kids don't have to mean the end of hope, you know!! THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE!!

@Stacey: Yay, Peace, Love, and Happiness!! I will be sure to give you a squealy shoutout the next time I'm tweeted by a celeb.

@Meri: I wish!!!!

@Sara: I KNOW, right?!!? Shit, who needs a job when they have celebrities surrounding them?!?

Arguendo | Dixi said...

Be sure to check out this site:

Scroll down and you'll see a video of G. Love. One of the local morning show DJ's here in Austin does this.