Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vlog Day Fail.. AKA, I Suck But I Will Dance For You To Make Up For It!

So, I am kind of an epic fail this week, for several reasons!

First, today is vlog day on 20SB, wherein one must record a video "introducing" themselves and post it on their blogs, which everyone watches and then they fall in love with you and everyone's followers like explode into the 1000's and it's one big love fest that lasts forever and ever and ever.  Why am I not participating?

Because I suck, obviously.  Here's the story:

My webcam is a piece o' shit, in case you hadn't noticed from my numerous attempts at karaoke stardom, in which I look all blurry and strange looking.  (Unfortunately, there's nothing wrong with the audio... No, that's just my awful voice.)  Anyway, the webcam kind of stopped working for a while, insofar as it recorded everything as if a huge storm was brewing outside and the computer was getting hit by lightning every five seconds.  Admittedly, my dancing actually does resemble epileptic seizures at times, but in this case, it really was NOT pleasant to watch.  So, my attempts at recording both this month's karaoke song AND today's vlog day post proved to be epic failures.

Until yesterday.  Well, had I taken the time, that is.  This next part seems unrelated, but it actually isn't (unrelated, that is).

Every summer, there's an event outside the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis called the Basilica Block Party.  At this shindig, you buy an overpriced ticket to bake away in the sun while the newest and coolest acts in the adult-alternative scene entertain you on several different stages.  Last year, the "newest and coolest" were represented by Weezer (um, "newest and coolest" like 15 years ago...) and... um... Barenaked Ladies.  FAIL.

So you can understand that my hopes weren't all that high for this year's festivities, but yesterday I perused the web site and nearly fell over!!

And I do mean Holy literally, of course.  We're talking about a church, here!
G. LOVE AND SPECIAL SAUCE AGAIN, Y'ALL!!!  For everyone who forgot, read  this postthis posthere's another one, and if you want to see me dance around like a ho to a G. Love song, check this shiz out too!  I have actually seen G. Love at this particular event before, and it will go down in history as one of the BEST shows I have ever been to.  And not just because G. took his shirt off.  Ahem.

I am also a big fan of Michael Franti & Spearhead, AND Fitz & the Tantrums, and they are all playing on the SAME STAGE, PEOPLE!  I just about peed my panties.  (I'd say pants, but I'm not entirely sure I was wearing any.  Ahem.)

So after my initial excitement, I immediately checked the ticket prices and was a little dismayed to see they were $40/ticket for one day.  Ugh.  But THEN, HARK!!!

It was like a beacon of light!
Hot damn, a contest!  And all I had to do was record a video of me singing like an idiot, which I do every month with KROD anyway, for 60 seconds!!  I may have peed myself a second time upon seeing this.

Instead of looking for a job, which I should have done, I proceeded to slave away on deleting shit from my computer in an attempt to make the webcam work properly, which eventually (sort of) succeeded.  Then, I wasted another hour just trying to choose a song to sing.  Then, when I finally had one, I wasted YET ANOTHER couple of hours filming the damn thing until it was just so, and finally, when the day was practically over, I went to submit my entry.

And again, FAIL.  I guess this should have occurred to me because people suck, but you can't submit a video with "content that does not belong to you."  So, even though I purchased the song in question that was playing in the background, I guess I can't use it.


Sorry, everyone.  By the time I figured that out, I was so pissed I couldn't bring myself to record anything else.  But, it isn't a total loss, because I figured I would just post the video on here for you guys to see!  Besides, me dancing around and singing a silly song and showing pictures of my parents is kind of like an introduction anyway, isn't it?  I mean, that's all I do when I'm at home alone all day anyway... Ahem.

Here it is:

Um, something tells me that little performance wouldn't have won anything anyway.  SIGH.

I got some inspiration this morning for a new video though, so my hopes may not have died yet!  In the meantime, if you guys would like to donate to the "Send Bi to the Basilica" fund, I'd be more than grateful.  Ha!



theTsaritsa said...

Aww, that was really cute! I always love your KROD videos :) I hope you get to see your G. Love!!

Coyote Rose said...

Bi, you're so cute it hurts. That was the most adorable singing and dancing ever. I suggest setting up a paypal to get people to donate money for tickets. All you have to do is get 8 people to donate 5 bucks!


Dammit! You sure are a little cuttie pie! Seriously, I would suggest you post a vid at least once a week for a little eye candy for your readers ;)

Bi said...

@Tsa: Haha, thanks! This will have to suffice for KROD this month, because, as I said, I suck. :(

@Coyote: That's a good idea!!! I will probably just suck it up anyway, that's what taxpayers' money (i.e., unemployment) is for, isn't it?!!

@Falen: You stinker!! Thanks for the compliment! ;)

Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it till kingdom come. You are funny as hell. That's why you are one of the golden bloggers. I particularly love the expression on your face at the very end of the's as you say "Oh, crap...what did i just do?" I love it. When are you going to post that epic breakdance vid? ;)

Nadiine said...

this was amazing!! you should do a weekly thing when you try a new dance every week? I would love to see that!

Melbourne on my mind said...

I love you so hard, Bi. This was awesome and hilarious.

Also, I'm kind of obsessed with the Barenaked Ladies at the moment, so last year would have been AMAZEBALLS as far as I'm concerned. That said, they're hardly an exciting new band!

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

Your little shimmy twirl is so appealing. I mean, not in a creepy way... just sayin... ha ha. Ahem.

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